Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my summer adventure

about a month ago i was laying in bed reading a fantastic book
"the lucky one"
and i got to thinking about things. i needed some excitement in my life!
so that afternoon i drove to st george for a day!
that was great and wonderful but not quite exciting enough i guess!
so now that my nanny job is over for the summer
and with the wonderful boss i have over at ume 
[[thanks kristen!]]
i have ended up in washington state!
{this is a picture taken from the freeway driving into seattle}

i am loving every minute of it here! 
i drove down by myself. 
((which was a fantastic drive))
and i am staying with my lovely and extremely kind
uncle shane and soon to be aunt lisa.
they are so sweet to let me stay!
they even set up a cute little room for me with 
a futon and a bedside table.

on my drive here i passed a town in idaho called
of course i had to stop and get a picture!
-what a lovely town that would be to live in.- 

shane and lisa have been so good to take me around
and show me all the wonderful places in washington.
i am so excited for all the adventures that i am going to have!

{happy summer}

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