Sunday, June 17, 2012

father's day.

happy father's day!

((this is my daddy. isn't he a good looking guy!))

so i thought that writing this post would be easy.
[[i love my dad so much!]] 
and i appreciate everything he has done for me
and everything he has taught me.
but how do you write a blog post, a letter, or get a gift
wonderful enough to make up for all the amazing gifts your dad has given 
you and all the lessons 
your dad has taught you?

to say the least i am struggling with what to say in this post.
so.. i decided that i am going to share a few of my 
..favorite memories..
that i have had with my dad!

ever since i can remember my dad, lauryn and i
have gone camping in island park
 for the family reunion over the summer
around the 4th of July.
my favorite thing was to sit around the camp fire 
and sing while my dad played the guitar.

also every summer
we would go to fairmont montana
and stay in a condo with pools, and golf
and tennis and a petting zoo.
one summer, lauryn couldn't go with us.
so that year it was just me and my dad.
one day while we were there
we drove into a nearby town and
 there just so happened to be a fair.
 my dad and i walked around and looked at 
all the fun little vendors, he let me get my face painted
and then we went to this awesome candy shop!

recently, my dad and i have been able to spend fridays
together to just have some daddy daughter time.
we do seriously sweet things like:
-guitar lessons (i'm learning.. he is very patient with me)
-leather crafting.
-wood crafting.
-going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.
i don't think my dad knows how much i appreciate this time 
that i get to spend with him.. he is the greatest dad!

not only do we celebrate our dads on fathers day
but our grandpas and uncles and other men in our lives!

i am so lucky to have such awesome male examples in my life!

dad.. thank you for all that you do for me.
i cannot tell you how much it means to me.. and how lucky
i am to have a daddy like you.

{i love you.}

{happy fathers day!}

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