Monday, April 16, 2012

altering a dress..

so a couple of months ago my big sis cleaned out her closet.
i went through her pile of things that she was giving away and this
beautiful dress was in there!
[[excuse the photography.. it isn't one of my strong skills and i didn't bother having anyone else take the picture for me..]]

obviously i was SHOCKED as to why she would want to get rid of this.
{the zipper is broken}
easy fix for someone who knows how to sew!

so it has been sitting in my craft box for a couple months.
i had a free day this past week so i called up my 
amazing grandmother who knows how to sew,
and she helped me fix this beauty!

i decided i wanted to make it into a fun little skirt.
so here is what we did!

first, we cut off the top.

next, we had to unpick the zipper so we could later replace it.
we then sewed the top shut, sewed the zipper in place, and voila! 
i have myself a {cute} little skirt to wear!

a huge thanks to my grandma for helping me out! 
i could not have done it without her!
and thanks to my [lovely] sister for the dress.

it was so great to spend some time with my grandma.
my gramps kept coming downstairs to where we were
crafting and giving us tips.
he said i should have just used suspenders.
(thanks gramps! you are super helpful!)

happy {monday} and have a happy week!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

spring is here!

spring is finally here and i am so thrilled!

i love spring. it is definitely my favorite season.
(although summer is right up there.. maybe tied for favorite)

i sleep with my window open because it is finally warm enough...
every morning i wake up and i love that i hear birds chirping!
not to mention the fresh smell of spring.

i love seeing all the flowers 
and being able to drive with my windows down.

needless to say
i love spring and everything that comes with it!

i can't wait to:

go for bike rides
go on picnics
go fishing
play with sidewalk chalk
go on hikes
fly kites

it is a wonderful time of year!

happy spring! :)