Tuesday, June 19, 2012

my daddy's special day!

it is my daddy's birthday!!!
happy birthday daddy-o!
i am so sad that i am not there to spend
the day with you.
and i wanted to do something
special and cool to make up for it!

so lisa and shane were so wonderful
and they took me around downtown seattle so that 
i could put together this little number
just.. for.. you.

i love you daddy! enjoy. :)

{Alki Beach overlooking Seattle}

{this is the original starbucks! how cool is that?!}

{this ferris wheel is for a fair. unfortunately i will be gone before then}

{in front of the EMP. it's a music museum! and the most AWESOME building. i took more pictures to show you later}

{pike place market. it was so crazy busy that day! we had to hurry and snap a photo every where we went}
{this is the troll bridge. if you look to the right of me you can see a buried VW beetle. the troll was built on top of that which was donated. the troll is 22 years old! {i think.}}

{obviously you know what this is.}

{safeco field! where the mariners play}

{hard rock cafe! just for you daddy. i stopped inside and got you some presents. it's a pretty terrific store}

{this is century link field where the Seahawks play! there used to be a seahawk statue but they took it down.}

{this would be the ever so disgusting gum wall! for a decade people have come to place their ABC gum on this. yes. i put some on there too.}

{pike place market theater. and what a great sign that is!}

{this would be the feet of the gigantic hammer guy! he is huge. we tried to get a picture of all of him. i will show you when i get home}

happy birthday!
i am sorry i am not there to celebrate.
i hope you got the card i sent you ok.. i cant
wait to come home and see you!

you are the best. such a great example to me.
i  can't thank you enough for everything you do.

your little girl.

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